Corporate Activity days

Create a team building day like no other


Get out of the office and back into nature with a Team day at Buzzards Valley.

Spending time in natural environments has been shown to improve mental health, helps with stress-relief, increases creativity and boosts energy.​

The Team isn't just an important part of an organisation, it IS the organisation.


We offer so much more than just fun, we incorporate team building into our all of our activities. Guiding your team to improve their; communication, co-operation​, divergent thinking​, problem solving abilities​, leadership skills​, time keeping and create lasting bonds.


Problem Solving

Den building


Fire lighting

Rescue scenarios

Sensory games



Capture the flag


Theme your day

Team building:​

  • Appoint leaders​

  • Test communication​

  • Challenge adaptability​

  • Encourage and motivate


  • Timed tasks​

  • Point scoring​

  • Head to head challenges​

  • Awards

Make your day

Half day ​

3 hours​ £25pp

Choose up to 3 activities​

Full day​

5-6 hours £40pp

Includes up to 5 activities​

Mobile Climbing wall

Full day £650 (excl VAT)

Buzzards Valley

Day hire £100

Have your own aim?

Let us help you include it!

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Tamworth, Staffordshire


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