Omega Kayaking Club

Kids Kayak Club

2 hours
Lots of learning
Lots of fun!

Covid update:

We're back on the water from the 29th March!

Bookings are open now for April taster sessions and May terms weekly meets!

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Ages 7-9 yrs
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Ages 10-12 yrs
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Ages 13-15 yrs
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Who's it for?

Omega Kids Kayak club is for children aged 7-15 yrs who are split into 3 age ranges; Ducks, Otters and Turtles to allow us to tailor sessions to meet the physical abilities of each group. We keep our ratios low to ensure each child has plenty of coach time and that we meet each individuals learning needs.


Our club is designed to be fun and exciting as well as promoting a physical and mental state of well being. Kayak clubs are great for children whether they need to expend some extra energy, get active in a fun way, build up their confidence and independence or simply need to get outside more.

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What can they gain?

Our club has a lot of learning built in, by attending regularly they will go from learning how to get in and out of a boat safely to moving the kayak efficiently using a wide variety of paddle strokes and being confident in their abilities when participating in water games.

For those who are ready we offer Kayak journeys throughout the warmer months so that they can really consolidate their learning.


If they would like to gain nationally recognised awards this is something we encourage and will coach them through. They can work their way through the 3 levels of British Canoeing Paddle awards, this is not compulsory but is a great way to track and celebrate  progress. For each level they complete they will receive a certificate.


There's lots of ways to recognise their time on the water, the Scouts and Guides have a Paddle sports badge, kayaking can be used as the physical for D of E and GCSE PE, even Blue Peter has a sports badge

Omega's "Captain" - Judith, is currently working with the British canoe union to create a tailor made log book too!

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What to wear

What to wear:

  • Neoprene wet shoes/boots (or old trainers) NOT WELLIES

  • Wet suit (or warm layers that can get wet)

  • Dry Cag or thin Waterproof coat

What to bring:

  • Water bottle

  • Spare jumper

  • FULL change of clothes

  • Change of shoes

  • Towel

  • Bag for wet stuff

  • A snack

There's always a chance of getting wet when kayaking! Although we will inform parents the week before, if we intend to run a wet session, please make sure they are always prepared for an accidental swim.

Please be aware there are no shower facilities on site, changing will be in the shared cubicle toilets and so it is best that participants arrive in the clothes and shoes they wish to paddle in to make sure we have as much time on the water as possible.