Parental Consent Form

(Consent must be completed and submitted by an adult with parental responsibility before the child may participate in Omega activities)

I permit my child to take part in the activities provided by Omega outdoor adventure on their day camp and confirm that my child is willing to participate as fully as possible.

I confirm that I have provided all medical information regarding my child so that Omega staff are informed of any allergies/conditions/needs that my child has and that I will provide all medication they require.

I understand that while Omega outdoor adventure have the appropriate procedures in place to reduce risks as much as possible, adventurous activities have an inherent risk and Omega cannot accept responsibility for any injury/death incurred whilst on camp.

I give permission for my child to receive first aid from any/all of the Omega qualified first aiders whilst my child is present at the activity camp and I understand that I am responsible for any follow up treatment from the GP and/or hospital that may be required.

I understand that the Omega team will do all that is possible to ensure participants belongings are safe however, ultimately my child is responsible for their belongings whilst on camp and Omega cannot accept responsibility for any loss. We suggest that expensive/precious items are left at home and that your child only bring what is needed.

I understand that my child must follow the instructions given by the Omega staff and that if they do not they may be removed from activities and/or sent home.
In the case of emergency Omega staff will do everything possible to contact the next of kin so that they can make the appropriate medical decisions for their child. In extreme circumstances where medical treatment is required without delay and it has been impossible to contact those named on the booking form,

I authorise the first aider and/or the staff in charge to give consent for any medical treatment on my behalf.

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