Break in case of emergency!


Our Survival pack is created to help parents through the winter Lockdown with engaging and fun activities to do with the kids for every week until half term.


This Survival Pack includes:

  • 13 activities - a mixture of craft and walking games
  • Craft supplies; card, tape, paper, lollipop sticks, skewers, wax (soy), jar, tins, candle wicks, string and wool (synthetic) 
  • Bonus challenges and wooden medal


Craft supplies and medal are sent to your home while all activities come by email in an easy to follow pdf, with step by step instructions and video tutorials. All activities are great for children age 7+ or 5+ with help.


Some additonal items are needed for some of the activities but these are easily foraged in the house or outside, such as pens or sticks (giving you another reason to get the kids out). These packs are stuffed with enough craft supplies for two children , for additional items please add an extras pack to your order.

Lockdown Survival Pack